Startup Portfolio

Cincinnati Children’s has created several start-up companies based on Cincinnati Children’s technologies – so far attracting additional investment of more than $50 million and more than 400 biotech jobs.

Our Start-Up Companies:

  • Xact Medical is developing the FIND system. Leading the way in point of care robotics, Xact's FIND system is a breakthrough in practical, affordable medical robotics to expand and enhance clinician capabilities and control.

  • Assurex Health is a personalized medicine company that specializes in pharmacogenomics. 

  • Airway Therapeutics is developing new interventions for acute and chronic lung diseases in the most vulnerable of patients, beginning with premature infants.

  • Enable Injections develops and manufactures devices that allow patient self-administration of high volume/viscosity drugs.

  • Bexion Pharmaceuticals is developing innovative cures for cancer.

  • SpineForm develops spinal deformity treatment products.

  • Ausio Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biotechnology development company focused on the advancement of safe and effective medicines for the aging population.

Xact Medical   Assurex Health      Airway Therapeutics

Enable Injections                  Bexion Pharmaceuticals

 Ausio Pharmaceuticals