Contact Innovation Ventures Staff

The Innovation Ventures Team is made up of Leadership, Portfolio Management, Acceleration Management, Program Management, and Finance. Click the headings below to view contact details.

Andrew Wooten, MS, MTM Vice President 513-636-0449
Denise Clift Executive Assistant 513-636-0449
Justin Levy, JD Director, Portfolio Management 513-803-8019
Jon Brophy, MSE Senior Portfolio Manager, Medical Devices and Diagnostics 513-803-7944
Karen Lammers, MS, PMP, CCRP Portfolio Manager, Small Molecule Therapies 513-803-7251
Reid Smith, MBA Portfolio Manager, Biologics & Cell and Tissue Therapies 513-803-0308
Matt Wortman, PhD Portfolio Manager, Digital Health and Care Delivery 513-803-6736
Tiffany Zerby, JD Patent Manager 513-803-4853
Laurie Shirk Patent Coordinator 513-803-8578
Matthew Moscato Contracts Specialist 513-636-3885
Mike Pistone Director, Innovation Acceleration 513-803-8020
Danielle Gray, MHSA Manager, Commercial Planning & New Ventures 513-803-7864
Aniruddha Puntambekar, PhD, MBA Senior Acceleration Manager, Medical Device and Diagnostics 513-636-8754
Joe Messina Senior Acceleration Manager, Digital Health and Care Delivery 513-803-7131
Leandro Christmann, M.Sc., PhD Senior Acceleration Manager, Biologics and Cell Therapies 513-636-2357
David Wang, M.Sc., MBA Senior Acceleration Manager, Small Molecule Therapies 513-803-7176
Ginny Van Horne, MA Manager, Program Management 513-803-1175
Eileen Yeoh, MS Project Manager 513-803-1879
Justin Rosenacker, CPA Finance Manager 513-636-3269
Mel Biddulph Technology Analyst 513-636-4746