Start-up Portfolio

Cincinnati Children’s has created several start-up companies based on Cincinnati Children’s technologies – attracting additional investment and creating hundreds of biotech jobs in our region and across the nation.

Our Start-up Companies:

  • Airway Therapeutics is developing new interventions for acute and chronic lung diseases in the most vulnerable of patients, beginning with premature infants.
  • Aruvant Sciences is developing and commercializing gene therapies for hematological diseases utilizing reduced-intensity conditioning.
  • Baergic Bio is focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutics for the treatment of central nervous system disorders.
  • Bexion Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing innovative cures for cancer.
  • Clarigent Health is bringing science to mental health. Clarigent is developing clinical decision support for suicide ideation and other mental health issues.
  • Enable Injections develops and manufactures devices that allow patient self-administration of high volume/viscosity drugs.
  • Hive Networks improves the quality of life and health outcomes of people with chronic conditions, harnessing the power of  learning health networks.
  • Kurome Therapeutics is developing therapies that target cancer cells that have co-opted immune signaling pathways in order to avoid destruction by traditional therapeutic agents and subvert adaptive resistance mechanisms.
  • Xact Medical is developing Fast Intelligent Needle Delivery (FIND), which automates precision needle placement under ultrasound guidance. 

  • Acquired: Assurex Health was acquired by Myriad Genetics and became Myriad Neuroscience, a personalized medicine company that specializes in pharmacogenomics.

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