Team Up with Innovation Ventures

Product development and securing investment are necessary before an innovation can reach the patient, and these are big challenges that take years to accomplish. Setbacks and failures are common even with the best ideas. You can improve your chances by teaming up with us!

Make sure you contact us before submitting a manuscript, giving a talk, or sharing your idea with someone from outside Cincinnati Children's. This is crucial - putting your idea into the public domain without protection may impact your ability to develop it.

Start by submitting an invention disclosure to the Inventor Portal.

If you are accessing the link off-campus, you must be logged onto the VPN. We’ll acknowledge receipt within 3 business days and let you know if a patent is appropriate.

• Preparations, planning and review may take up to 16 weeks. During this time, we manage intellectual property, determining the commercial scope of protection, helping to determine inventorship, and filing patents as necessary.

• Some projects may remain inventor-driven, but if you agree to share responsibility and work with us to jointly pursue a commercial exit, we can Innovate Together.

You commit to

• Developing your technology, reaching milestones based on mutually accepted timelines

• Seeking and applying for funds

• Fulfilling legal and compliance requests within 30 days

• Being available to discuss research and commercialization aims with Innovation Ventures and external parties

We commit to

• Managing intellectual property

• Seeking input from advisors and industry

• Identifying next steps to reach commercialization endpoint

• Developing marketing materials

• Facilitating conversations with interested parties

• Managing negotiations and transferring technology

YOU are the primary force behind the technology becoming a more appealing opportunity to investors!

Of the technologies licensed from Cincinnati Children’s, innovations have spent an average of 5+ years in development before reaching a stage when investors are interested in licensing conversations.

Not every innovation results in a license to a company that turns it into a market-ready product. But teaming up with us will improve your chances!