Forms & Agreements

Submit an Invention Disclosure via the Inventor Portal.

Confidential Disclosure Agreement

If you plan to have a meeting or provide confidential information with someone from outside Cincinnati Children's and have not received an agreement from the organization, please submit a CDA Request via ePas and the Innovation Ventures Team will draft an agreement for you.

Material Transfer Agreement

A Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) is required whenever you want to send any material to anyone outside of Cincinnati Children’s. “Material” can be a mouse, cell line, plasmid, reagent, or other item that you created here or purchased while at Cincinnati Children’s. If you brought materials with you to Cincinnati Children’s from another institution (for instance, if you moved your lab to Cincinnati Children’s), then your first institution may require an MTA for you to send those materials to anyone else. Finally, you may receive an MTA from another institution if someone there wants to send you materials. The Innovation Ventures Team can help you with all aspects of materials transfer, whether you are sending or receiving materials. Our turn-around time for initial contact and processing of an MTA is typically 3-5 business days.

Request an MTA for Outgoing and Incoming Materials through ePas

If you have questions regarding MTAs or CDAs, please contact our office

Matthew Moscato 
Contract Specialist